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A book designed to teach you how to make traditional and creative country breads made from wheat and rye flour.
This book offers 4 recipes suitable for all tastes on liquid sourdough, hard sourdough, poolish and fermented dough.
Go ahead and make your favorite recipe!
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Available only in French.
This book makes it possible to decipher the gestures and techniques allowing to make COUNTRY BREADS.
You can make at home country breads with liquid leaven, hard leaven, fermented dough or poolish thanks to the recipes.
Illustrated with photos and short texts, this book is aimed at amateurs, learners and professionals.
It offers simple, concrete and precise examples that lead to quality projects.
For example, with this book you will be able to:
Making regional shapes: the Bordeaux crown, the snuffbox…
Creating creative forms: the key to the fields, the world ...
Book weight: 130g
Height: 21cm
Length: 15 cm
Thickness: 0.4 cm
Number of pages: 60

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Poids 50 g
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